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Hutchens Petroleum Becomes Qualified Integrators and Resellers of PCI Security Standards

February 26, 2018

In the ever changing environment of payment card acceptance systems and data security, we are pleased to announce that our company, and our Gasoline Service Technicians, are now QIR (Qualified Integrators and Resellers) certified.

Ensuring that our data and our customers’ data is secure is a top priority for Hutchens Petroleum. We invest a lot of time, money and effort to make sure we operate in compliance with PCI DSS standards.

The Qualified Integrators and Resellers (QIR) Program outlines guiding principles and procedures for the secure installation and maintenance of validated payment applications in a merchant environment, in a manner that supports their PCI DSS compliance efforts.

There is a two-step process for participation in the QIR Program. First, the an organization must become a QIR Company; then, the individual employees of the organization must receive training on how to securely configure, install and maintain payment applications on behalf of their merchant clients. When these steps are successfully completed, acceptance into the QIR program is confirmed and the company will be listed on the PCI SSC website. Re-qualification of employees is required every three years.

A company must be a direct provider of a PA-DSS validated application or an independent third-party licensed or authorized by the PA-DSS validated application vendor to resell or integrate the payment application, and must maintain at least one qualified employee in the program at all times, in order to be listed as a Qualified Integrator & Reseller company on the PCI website.

Employees must have work experience in payment applications, system hardening, or network security and demonstrated work experience related to payment industry. Candidates should have experience installing and configuring applications.

Numerous breach investigations have shown that incorrect installation and/or maintenance of payment applications creates opportunities for merchant networks to be compromised. Integrators and resellers play a key role in the payments ecosystem, as merchants depend on these service providers to install, configure, and/or maintain their validated applications.

Follow the link below to find a certified QIR Company as well as technicians.

For more information and a better understanding of the QIR program, please click on this link