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About Us

Hutchens Petroleum

For over 45 years, Hutchens Petroleum has been serving Patrick County and surrounding counties of Virginia.  Our product lines include gasoline, diesel fuels with a focus on lubricants, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid. We service our lubricant customers in Virginia, North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and Southern West Virginia from our three warehouse facilities located in Morristown, TN, Stuart, Virginia, and Roxboro, NC.  Our own brand of engine oils and industrial fluids, Pride Plus Gen3 and Pride Plus Advantage, meets or exceeds current market specifications. Our in-house Pride Plus brand allows you to partner with our trained professionals while using a proven product that allows your business to grow.

Rentz-Eden Oil

Since 1939, Rentz-Eden Oil has been serving Rockingham County and surrounding counties of North Carolina. Our product lines include gasoline, diesel fuels with a focus on the dealer ran convenience stores and commercial fuels.  We offer CITGO, EXXON, Marathon, 76, and Liberty branded fuels.  Our customers are serviced from our offices and bulk plant facility located in Reidsville, NC.

Rentz-Eden Oil Transportation

With our dedicated fleet of transports we work each day to provide same day service on delivery of your fuel requirements.  Each driver goes through a strenuous training and certification process to ensure that all products delivered are delivered safely with the best security processes available.

REO Service

A division of Hutchens Petroleum, was created in 2019 to accommodate the service requirements of the combination of Hutchens Petroleum and Rentz-Eden dealers.  With over 45 years of experience in servicing petroleum related equipment, our technicians can help you maintain your pumps, dispensers, and consoles for your location.

A few of the certifications we hold:

We are well acquainted with the regulations of the Department of Environmental Quality in Virginia and Department of Environment and Natural Resources in North Carolina and can assist in managing your environmental requirements.

The HRE Team Gives Back

We at Hutchens Petroleum feel a part of the communities in which we serve, and in an effort to give back have selected the following causes to focus our efforts. We encourage everyone to join us in supporting these worthy causes:

The HRE Team's Shared Values

We constantly strive to deliver on our mission, while keeping family and community at the heart of everything we do. Our success is driven by our commitment to personnel growth and fulfillment. We take pride in a job well done and most importantly WE DO WHAT WE SAY!  

We promote Family and Community

We value our family, whether our own or Hutchens Rentz-Eden, and focus on building solid relationships in our communities. We are committed to serving better each day to make it a better place to live for those who come after us.

We do what we say

“We do what we say” by keeping our word with integrity, honor, and intention. At the end of the day, as individuals and an organization, our actions strengthen our commitments.

We promote Team-Member Growth and Happiness

By encouraging and supporting each other during difficult times, celebrating wins, assessing and learning from losses, challenging each other to do more and be more, growth and happiness happens.