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Hutchens Petroleum’s History

For over 40 years, Hutchens Petroleum has been serving our local area of Stuart, Virginia with heating oil and kerosene. While remaining a family owned business, we have grown our product lines to include gasoline, diesel fuels,lubricants, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Our service area now includes Virginia, North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and Southern West Virginia. Our customer base has grown to include over 70 gasoline outlets to fortune 500 customers who enjoy the same dedicated service our local heating oil and agricultural customers have received since 1975.

With the use of our technologies, we ensure your family is never without the fuel you need to be warm and comfortable and that your business never runs out of the quality products that Hutchens Petroleum provides to keep your vital business processes up and running.

Our own brand of engine oils and industrial fluids, Pride Plus Gen3 and Pride Plus Advantage, meets or exceeds current market specifications. Our in-house Pride Plus brand allows you to partner with our trained professionals while using a proven product that allows your business to grow.

Our Vision is to be the leader in product expertise, service reliability, and customer communication. We accomplish this as a family business dedicated to our employees and the customers they serve.

Hutchens Gives Back

We at Hutchens Petroleum feel a part of the communities in which we serve, and in an effort to give back have selected the following causes to focus our efforts. We encourage everyone to join us in supporting these worthy causes:

Hutchens' Core Values


When individuals have the opportunity to combine their talents and knowledge in the search for solutions and improvements, they produce great results. In today’s ever increasing competitive service environment, it takes each individual working together to achieve the agreed-upon objectives. Therefore, we need outstanding individuals working together to create an outstanding team.


All employees are challenged to use their individual minds to make appropriate decisions. Each of us is responsible for what we do and who we are. Each of us is responsible for our personal success or failure. Teamwork is very important and we can learn a great deal from each other. However, each of us must be willing to make an independent decision based on the facts before us and be willing to accept the results of the decision.


Is defined as the "Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code." Regardless, of the short-term outcome we must act consistently with our principles. We must be truthful and straightforward in our dealings with our customers and each other.


Pride is defined as “Pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession, or association.” Each of us must perform our work in a manner as to be able to be proud of what we have accomplished. Hutchens Petroleum must be the kind of organization where each employee and customer feels proud to be associated.