Hutchens Petroleum Gives Back

We at Hutchens Petroleum feel a part of the great communities in which we live and serve, and in an effort to give back have selected the following causes to focus our efforts.

Some of these causes have touched our lives personally. We want to invoke a change. We want to give back. We want to strengthen and build. We want to help leave a lasting impact. We appreciate everything these organizations have done to help their respective worthy causes. We support them and hope if you are able, that you will too.

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Congratulations to our 2016 Trimark of Excellence CITGO Award Winners

Hutchens Petroleum is proud to be associated with Groometown Citgo, Nester’s Grocery, and Rixey’s Market. All of the locations were named by CITGO Petroleum as 2016 Trimark of Excellence award winners. In order to achieve this status, each location’s yearly mystery shop scores must be in the Top 500 of all CITGO locations throughout the US. All these locations scored 99% or better.

THANKS to each of the locations for providing the motoring public with a CLEAN, FRIENDLY, and SAFE location to purchase convenience items and petroleum products.