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AboutHutchens Rentz-Eden

Hutchens Rentz-Eden is the combination of Hutchens Petroleum and Rentz-Eden Oil to form an organization with a vision to be the leader in product expertise, service reliability, and customer communication. We accomplish this as a family business dedicated to our employees and the customers they serve.  In today’s business environment of mega mergers and rollups, we feel being family owned gives us a unique perspective into the importance of customer care. We take pride in over 45 years of experience and work hard to maintain a level of service that exceeds your expectations. Our tradition of doing what we say demands no less as we strive each day to live our mission of delivering the right product and service on time every time in a way that creates loyalty. We service customers from our four facilities located in:

Stuart, VA – Reidsville, NC – Roxboro, NC – Morristown, TN

This allows us to be on-time, every time with a smile on our face and a sincere Thank You.


Our Experience

  • In-house certified

    With over 45 years of experience in servicing petroleum related equipment, REO Service personnel can help you maintain your pumps, dispensers, and consoles for your location. A few of the certifications we hold:

    • Virginia and North Carolina Weights and Measures Certified Technicians
    • Verifone Authorized Service Contractor
    • Dresser Wayne Certified
    • Gilbarco Certified
    • Virginia licensed class A Contractor

    We are well acquainted with the regulations of the Department of Environmental Quality in Virginia and Department of Environment and Natural Resources in North Carolina and can assist in managing your environmental requirements.

  • Technology Leader

    Our overall goal in the use of technology is to improve communication with our customers. Whether it is our Liquilogic tank monitoring program, designed to help us monitor your usage of fuels and/or lubricants to our DeliveryWorks and InCab dispatch systems, where you receive confirmation of your delivery in minutes by email and invoicing next day.

    We want to make doing business with Hutchens Rentz-Eden easy.

Our Blog

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    Visa Enabling Visa Transaction Advisor to Help Small Business Owners Prevent Fraud at Fuel Pumps

    Visa is supporting eligible small business owners in the fuel industry by enabling Visa Transaction Advisor (VTA) for no additional charge to help combat fraud at gas pumps. VTA offers real-time risk assessment when consumers pay for fuel at the pump, helping deter fraudulent payment attempts as fuel merchants work toward implementing EMV® technology, proven to reduce fraud. As fuel merchants upgraded their pumps to support EMV payments last year, counterfeit fraud rates declined simultaneously. From January 1 through September 30, 2020, counterfeit fraud rates declined by 22% and counterfeit fraud dollars declined by 32%. At the end of February 2021, approximately 51% of transactions on U.S. fuel pumps were EMV (VisaNet). Visa Transaction Advisor will be automatically enabled for one year starting on April 17, 2021 to business owners who have yet to upgrade their pumps to process EMV. Visa Transaction Advisor operates invisibly to the cardholder to ensure a positive customer experience and leverages existing payment processes so no new investment in infrastructure is needed. If a transaction is deemed risky, the tool will help small business owners by prompting the consumer to pay inside the store. This deters fraudsters who often choose to drive away instead of going inside. Visa’s intent to migrate to EMV chip transactions for secure payments was first announced in 2011 and the liability shift date for fuel pumps was extended for more than five years in total to support solution readiness. Visa continues to work closely with merchants, acquirers, and technology providers to support EMV chip acceptance at fuel merchants.

    April 20, 2021 Read more
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    Merger Update 2020

    As you are aware, in September 2019 Hutchens Petroleum and Rentz-Eden Oil merged to create a stronger more diversified company for the future. During the first months, we have worked to make sure you our valued customers saw no decrease in the level of service you have come to expect. We also have taken this time to evaluate how we could leverage on the strengths of each individual company into a stronger integrated organization. Over the next several months we will be implementing some opportunities we see to improve our service. First, we have setup REO service to focus our ability to provide service to our convenience and service station dealers. We are currently Verifone and Wayne certified. We are working with our vendors to also become Gilbarco Veeder-Root certified. Second, we will be implementing a new accounting system and utilize technology to be more responsive and easy to do business with. For our heritage Hutchens Petroleum customers we will implement the new accounting system during the second quarter of 2020. Our heritage Eden Oil customers we will implement during the third quarter of 2020. Our goal is by the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2020 all of our facilities will be on the same systems. During this process, you may notice the layout of our delivery tickets and invoices are slightly different. Next, we are integrating the dispatch of our transport fleets, so you may have the opportunity to meet another of our amazing drivers. Finally, we have revamped our logo and image to better communicate that we are an integrated organization. Like the old saying goes, "there's no use in re-inventing the wheel". We chose to continue capitalizing on the names we have built our reputations on. Our mission remains to "DELIVER THE RIGHT PRODUCT AND SERVICE ON TIME, EVERY TIME IN A WAY THAT CREATES LOYALTY". In closing, I would like to THANK YOU for your business and we appreciate the opportunity to be of service. Hutchens Rentz-Eden Timothy Hutchens President

    April 14, 2020 Read more